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Robyn Marie Photography

About Me

Above photo credit: Emily Hernandez Photography

Hi there! My name is Robyn and I am the woman behind Robyn Marie Photography! I have loved photography my whole life - using far too many rolls of film as a kid, processing images in my high school's darkroom and doing studies of light in the studio. In college, I studied photography while getting my business degree. I have since photographed everything from weddings to newborns to landscapes, and since becoming a mom myself, I have found a particular love for documenting families.

My photography style is a blend of portraits and candid "in-between" moments. During a photo session, I love to position my clients close to each other, and then play and interact with them to capture authentic grins and the sparkle in their eyes. Setting the scene and then capturing those real moments is what makes my photography unique and that is what I would love to share with you and your family!

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