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What kind of photographer are you?    

My photography style is a mix of traditional and lifestyle. Traditional is referring to portraits (i.e. looking at the camera and smiling) while lifestyle refers to the images where everyone is not looking at the camera but instead connecting with one another (often called "candids").


I like my images to be clean, sharp, true to color and timeless. My favorite images are the ones I make that give the viewer an emotional response and capture authentic moments and personalities. I am available for the following session types: family, maternity, engagement, anniversary, senior, or individual portraits. I do not do event photography or weddings at this time. 

Who do you photograph?

Real people - like you! You don't need any posing or modeling experience to take gorgeous photos. My favorite clients are relaxed, playful and kind. They love to snuggle their kids and don't mind acting a bit silly. They value the little moments and connecting with their family.

Where will my session be held?    

I have a variety of great outdoor locations in the North and Northwestern Suburbs of Chicago that we can choose from together. I prefer to shoot at these locations because I know I can get great lighting and produce the highest quality images for you and your family. When booking your session I will send you a questionnaire which will ask what type of scenery you are looking for in your photos. This will help me to narrow down the best location options to fit your vision, and then we will discuss and chose one together!


How long will my session be?    

My sessions are typically 30-60 minutes or as noted in the session package you book. A lot of the timing depends on how quickly everyone warms up to the camera. I am not focused on the clock, but instead I concentrate on capturing a variety of beautiful images to be able to give you a gallery you will love! 


Especially with little ones, the MAGIC often happens in the second half of our shoot as everyone loosens up and the genuine smiles start to come out. If your kids are shy or a little grumpy at first, not to worry, hang in there and we'll get them having fun soon!

What will my session be like?    

Relaxed and fun! My job is to be the creative director and help you look great, so you don't need to worry about feeling awkward or not knowing what to do. My sessions typically include a variety of standing, sitting, and even some laying down "poses", plus always some improvising. Come prepared to snuggle, play, dance, tell your kids a story, and have tickle fights!


What should I wear?

I recommend choosing outfits for you and your family that make you feel casual and beautiful. Soft muted colors such as pale pinks or blues, denim, greys, beiges, etc. photograph very nicely. Seasonal colors to complement the outdoor scenery make for a great color pallet as well. I generally suggest staying away from small patterns and neons as those can be distracting from the subject (i.e. your beautiful face!) and can cast an unflattering hue on your skin.


Also, it is best for your outfits to complement each other rather than matching. Matching outfits are unnatural in our real lives so they draw attention away from the uniqueness of each person. If you have questions or need suggestions, feel free to contact me and I'm happy to help!


Will I get the digital photos from my session?    

Yes, my sessions include a gallery of fully edited high-resolution photos. Certain packages include all the digital files with a print release, while others allow you to select a specified number of photos you would like from your full gallery, then you have the option to purchase additional images beyond that. I do not share the raw unedited files and do not allow additional editing or filtering of the images once they are in your hands.

Can I order prints and products from you?

Yes! I will provide a link to a password protected online gallery for digital downloading and print ordering where you will get great pricing and the highest quality prints. I am a huge advocate for printing your images so whether it is through me or from a quality print lab like Mpix, please print your images! (Even the non-professional ones from your phone!) These memories are too important to let disappear on old computer hard drives or phones!

Do you offer a referral program?

You bet! If you love your photos the best compliment you can give me is a referral. For each client you refer, that has a session with me and mentions your name when booking, you will receive a $20 credit towards a future session of your choosing to be used within the next 12 months.

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